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Facebook doesnt make the content

27 апреля 2013

italia u

martin_italia 1 point submitted 3 days canada goose outlet reviews ago

I posted canada goose outlet jackets in the canada goose outlet canada Rome post of these too, to say that in general Romans canada goose outlet parka dress like shit (I live here!) Milan is where its at Canada Goose Coats On Sale for the stereotypical well dressed Italians.

Milan also gets a full range of weather from 35 degrees in summer to freezing and snow in winter, so that allows people canadian goose jacket to go stylish with the overcoats, canada goose outlet scarves etc at one end, and linen and loafers at the other.

martin_italia 0 points submitted 7 days ago

Absolutely yes. It just «cool» to hate on facebook canada goose outlet toronto factory and tell people they must delete it in order to canada goose store be happy.

Ive never canada goose uk black friday understood the logic. Facebook doesnt make the content. If you dont like what you see on there, well, canada cheap Canada Goose goose outlet black friday they are your friends and family. They are your pages youve liked. If you dont like whats on facebook, thats on you.

What do people even do on there for hours at a time, if time wasted in as issue? Just sit there refreshing?

99% of people who dont complain about it, use it to keep in touch with friends and family, and see what those canada goose coats on sale people are up to, and share canada goose outlet store uk things canada goose outlet nyc they find interesting. Which is what its for. canada goose outlet sale 20 points submitted Canada Goose Online 9 buy canada goose jacket cheap days ago

Because if they’re here, writing and reading in english, means that they are smart canada goose clearance sale canada goose outlet new york cheap canada goose uk city people. In rome, a canada goose uk outlet canada goose outlet online lot of what are called ultras, are not even able official canada goose outlet to canada goose factory sale speak proprer italian. Just make guttural sounds that can be canada goose outlet in usa related with Roman accent. They use to stay outside the stadium before neutral pitch matches Canada Goose Outlet (Napoli Fiorentina CI Final/ Juventus Lazio ISC Final), stabbing people in the butts. Of uk canada goose course they are the very little part of Roma fanbase buy canada goose jacket (which is actually great in dedication and love for the team and the city). ULTRAS ARE NOT THE REAL ROMA canada goose uk shop FANS, are just criminals using sport as a way to do what they like. Source: Juventus fan living in rome

martin_italia 4 points submitted 12 days ago

1) I would like canada goose coats to see Bond 25 be a canada goose black friday sale Rated R. If it can work for superhero franchises, there is no harm in trying it out for Bond

Not so sure, canada goose outlet uk sale an R rating Canada Goose online usually only means heavier violence, nudity or swearing, and none of that really ties in with Bond. Plus I dont canada goose jacket outlet think the studio would go for it due to reduced audiences.

2) A smaller movie and more tight knit story where the villain has a believable motive for coming after Bond. (Spectre was too long and too boring)

Absolutely yes, a more grounded and real story and villian is vital. Spectre really annoyed me with the whole Blofeld behind everything ever bullshit.

3) Someone other than Purvis and Wade should write the Bond movie.

Not sure because Casino Royale and goose outlet canada uk canada goose outlet Skyfall were very good, and they had some canada goose black friday sale good parts in the others. But I think someone needs to be added to the team to reign them in a bit and keep them grounded.

4) Hopefully Bond 25 should be more in the vein of Casino Royale and canada goose outlet shop less in the vein of Spectre

martin_italia 3 points submitted 12 days ago

This is a stupid fan theory that needs to end and really only canada goose outlet online uk came about because for some reason people needed to «justify» why series of movies spanning 5 decades has a different actor canada goose clearance playing the title role.

James Bond is James canada goose Bond, and his code is 007. End of. Its one man. Hell, his past is even mentioned across the different actors (example, Felix mentioning in Licence to Kill that he was «married once, a long time ago», obviously referencing Tracy from 20 «real» years earlier, although we can assume not 20 movie years)

Craig is still the same Bond. The same character. But his movies are «rebooted» with Casino Royale being his first mission as a 00 agent. Hence no references to previous movies or characters.

lameandlame 5 points submitted 25 days ago

I canada goose outlet uk hate to break it to you, canada goose outlet but I HAD the exact same maximum capacity and I would ALWAYS get canada goose factory outlet at MOST canada goose outlet store 4 hours. Mostly 3. I complained to Apple Support and got a free Canada Goose Parka battery replacement. Granted, I’m still under the 1 year Canada Goose sale warranty.

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After roughly 70 cycles, my battery is at 99.3% capacity, although the maximum capacity under Apple’s Battery Health still says 100%.