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He, like most others during pre Civil War America, was a man

19 сентября 2013

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My canada goose outlet toronto buy canada goose jacket factory point is Lee choice to lead canada goose outlet uk the confederate army was controversial during the start of the war as canada goose coats he cheap Canada Goose even had admirers from the union. Even Grant, when he met with Lee to discuss terms of surrender, canada goose outlet reviews canada goose clearance stated he admired the man despite his choices.

Grant stated canada goose black friday sale in his memoirs Canada Goose online that,

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Lee is an example of a man of comfortable status who canada goose outlet nyc lived, with all its prerequisites and pleasures, during that time Canada Goose sale in American history. He, like most others during pre Civil War America, was a man canada goose outlet canada of his time. Yes, we can look back at this era with disgust for those canada goose outlet online who were proponents of slavery with a presentist mindset, but that then makes us look foolish in ignoring the nuance and complexity of such historical figures like Lee.

That being said, I don canada goose outlet parka believe canada goose outlet uk sale a statue commemorating Lee in such an arbitrary light especially in the middle of a city deserves to stay there. Place it in a museum or somewhere else were you can give the proper context required to understand such a controversial individual.

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