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In critical conditions, SOS MEDITERRANEE’s rescue team managed

12 декабря 2013

reject safe harbour for Aquarius migrants

The 629 people currently on board Aquarius were rescued during night of Saturday to Sunday, when Aquarius carried out six rescue and transfer operations in the space of nine hours all under instruction from the https://www.hotmoncleroutlet.com Italian Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (IMRCC). The rescue of two rubber boats turned critical when one boat broke apart in the darkness, leaving over 40 people in the water. After rescuing 229 people from these boats, the Aquarius was requested by the IMRCC to accept a transfer of people who had been rescued by Italian navy and coastguard ships on 9 June. The Aquarius received 129 cheap moncler people from one Italian coastguard ship (CP 312), 64 from a second Italian coastguard ship (CP 319), and moncler sale finally 88 from a third Italian coastguard ship (CP 267). The ship San Giusto then assisted the Aquarius teams in a final transfer of 119 shipwrecked people from Italian merchant cheap moncler coats ship MV Jolly Vanadio to the Aquarius. The IMRCC coordinated all these actions from the start moncler outlet online and took responsibility for the rescue of all these people. The Aquarius is now receiving supplies coordinated by the IMRCC, whose intention is to transfer 500 people from cheap moncler sale the Aquarius to two Italian ships, with the other 129 remaining on the Aquarius. All three ships would sail to Valencia, Spain, together and disembark all the rescued people there. This would mean already exhausted people rescued have to endure four more days travel at sea. MSF, SOS MEDITERRANEE and the captain of the Aquarius monlcer down jackets are waiting for the IMRCC action plan and will then assess whether it is safe and acceptable to proceed.I mean, my country culture doesn differ from moncler outlet France all that much on a fundamental level (I actually never thought I live to witness bureaucracy worse than what we have in Serbia, but then I moved to Brittany) so that wasn an issue, but learning the language took a bit of time and effort, though the French have been a lot more understanding and kind about it than others. It would be a bigger problem if people loved everything she and her cheap moncler jackets party stood for, then you have a real fight ahead of you if you were in opposition to her.The single issue voters aren a new thing so it shouldn surprise anyone honestly. When you have an obvious issue that just keeps growing and moncler outlet sale is getting ignored by politicians at the expense and to the frustration of everyone else, obviously the problem will grow in importance to those people. It may not be the biggest problem when compared to the economy, global warming and stuff but unlike those, it an easy one to do something about and yet it just gets ignored. That will piss people off over time.Compare it to the UK for example, you never hear about UKIP these days and they were constantly in the media, on this sub etc. in the past. But once their single popular thing got adopted by others, they lost their popularity. That legally Moncler Outlet means they will be liable to any costs incurred by the Housing etc. Of these refugees until they find jobs.Some of them didn find jobs and when the state showed up to collect the Money and those idiots had to realize that their virtuesignalling got Really damn expensive they ran to the news shouting how much of an outrage this was and that they «just Wanted to help».For Added context you dont even become a Brge for a family member. Its just too risky to justfiy it but they saw an opportunity to show everyone how awesome they are and threw all risk Assessment out of the window to boost their Ego. Moments later, the Aquarius received a distress signal indicating a boat adrift, carrying about 150 people. The IMRCC then asked the Aquarius to change its course to the position indicated.The Italian merchant ship MV Asso Ventiquattro, which at the time was closer to the boat in distress, also began heading in the same direction.Around 2 pm, however, the Italian MRCC informed the crew of the Aquarius that the Libyan Coastguard was assuming coordination of the rescue operations, instead asking the Aquarius to proceed to the transfer of about 280 survivors aboard three Italian Coastguard ships. The Coastguard had rescued one of the boats in distress, while the other two boats had been rescued by merchant ships before survivors were transferred to the Italian Coastguard.While the Aquarius was heading to its new destination, two boats in distress, with, according to the information received, more than 120 people on board, were reported by the IMRCC. The latter instructed the Aquarius to rescue the two boats before carrying out the three transfers (mentioned above). As soon as the Aquarius arrived on scene more than 50 nautical miles off the coast at the end of the afternoon, the simultaneous rescue of the two boats in distress began. During the operation, while it was already dark, one of the two rubber boats broke, dragging dozens of people into the water. In critical conditions, SOS MEDITERRANEE’s rescue team managed to recover 229 survivors who were safely brought back aboard the Aquarius.Immediately thereafter, the Aquarius began the transfer of 129 people from Italian moncler outlet store Coastguard ship (CP 312), followed by 64 others from a second Italian Coastguard ship (CP 319) and finally 88 survivors from a third Italian Coastguard ship (CP 267). The ship San Giusto then lent a hand to the teams of the Aquarius for a final transfer: 119 shipwrecked were transferred from Italian merchant ship MV Jolly Vanadio to the Aquarius.Well it weird right now. His only policies moncler mens jackets have been to reduce the taxes on both people and companies, moncler sale outlet while keeping the state pretty much the same.I think all his politics just rely on the current state of a few factors independent of him : the good state of the economy finally recovering of the euro crisis, and the political choice of the US and Britain who both chose to get more protectionist, so that his economically liberal choices do trigger foreign investments.That not what caused her to lose. Economically she much more to the left than Macron, which made most buy moncler jackets right wing voters choose Macron instead. She wasn going to compensate with votes from the left because of her anti immigration stance, and traditionally the left is very hostile to the far right. Her stance on the EU couldn have made up for that.

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