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Katy Perry is ‘not happy’ with what Taylor Swift did with her

11 мая 2013

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moncler sale One stroke for every disobedient act she could remember even though they were sometimes in the past a long time ago. She didn want me to forget anything. I can feel the damn strap now.. Katy Perry is ‘not happy’ with what Taylor Swift did with her apology letter and olive branchKaty’s handwritten note was only partially covered up meaning fans could get a good look at the personal message18:27, 9 MAY 2018Updated19:38, 9 MAY 2018But Katy, 33, is said to be fuming Taylor shared the personal message with the world as it was meant to be for her eyes only.»Katy expected that Taylor would post something about it, but she didn’t expect moncler outlet store the actual letter to go on social,» an insider told The Sun.»The thing is, you can only see part of what Katy wrote and it looks like she’s taking sole responsibility for the entire feud.»»Without context, it looks like she’s taking the blame for everything and obviously there’s a lot more to it than that,» they added.Taylor Swift finally forgives Katy Perry after singer sends an actual moncler outlet sale olive branch to her six years after bitter feud beganTaylor’s song Bad Blood is rumoured to be about her relationship with PerryLast night, just hours before her mammoth Bad Reputation tour moncler sale kicked off, Taylor revealed her long term frenemy Katy had tried to end their epic six year fall out.Speaking on her Instagram account, Tay can he heard saying: «I just got to my dressing moncler sale outlet room and found this actual olive branch. This means so much to me.»Katy’s handwritten note was only partially covered up meaning fans could get a good look at the personal note.As Katy Perry and Taylor Swift kiss and make up here are seven of the most EXPLOSIVE celeb feuds of all timeThe pair are believed moncler outlet to have fallen out over a row over their backing dancers back in 2012. Taylor, who went on to pen Bad Blood about moncler outlet jackets Katy, described her fellow musician as a «straight up enemy» that tried to «sabotage an entire tour».Last year, Katy addressed the feud head on during a chat with James Corden.She said: «It’s about backing dancers. moncler sale

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