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Looking for a subway station and being unfamiliar with the area

08 января 2014

It is the first fatal shooting canada goose uk black friday by British police this year

I canada goose outlet shop am sure there are a few more that canada goose black friday sale are not canada goose coats justified, but they make up a small percentage. The vast majority of these are armed violent criminals that are committing acts of violence against the police or citizens. canada goose clearance sale I have no sympathy for someone who dies while committing a violent crime. Yes, there are some that absolutely do not deserve it, and I will canada goose black friday sale be the first person to say Canada Goose Coats On Sale the unjustified trigger happy cop should pay in those situations. What it takes is motivation, right now a cop that murders an unarmed innocent on video gets a reprimand. If we started putting them canada goose outlet jackets in prison for canada goose outlet parka similar terms that we put https://www.canadagoosetomall.com regular murderers canada goose outlet nyc there I suspect they figure canada goose store it out pretty damn quick.By saying «They need training» what you saying is that Canada Goose Online a grown man in a professional capacity canada goose outlet uk Canada Goose Parka sale can canada goose outlet reviews possibly be expected to figure canada goose outlet in usa out how not to murder a 12 yr old playing in the park. Obviously Canada Goose sale anyone who shoots another in the back belongs in prison, cop or not. canada goose factory outlet I don mean to seem like I am justifying any of the bad shoots. Obviously there are bad cops with serious anger and canada goose to mall control issues. They should be weeded out and official canada Canada Goose online goose outlet prosecuted. There a cheap canada goose uk multitude canada goose outlet of reasons there aren so many people shooting at police. Two important ones are:Much lower levels of gun ownershipDifferent approach to policingThere plenty to learn from canada goose buy canada goose jacket cheap outlet black friday what other Canada Goose Outlet countries are doing, that could improve life in your own country. The British people are as violent as Americans, yet have far fewer shootings canada goose factory sale by police. There are important lessons America canada goose outlet toronto factory could learn from Britain, canada goose outlet canada if they care to look. For me, it one canada goose outlet uk of those interactions you repeat in your head in the shower countless times, thinking about a perfect or daring response.There was a parade later that day and fences canada goose had canada goose outlet sale been canada goose outlet store uk put up around the canada goose clearance area. All sides of the fences, including the road itself, goose outlet canada were still accessible for pedestrians (cars were banned) because the parade was still a long time away from starting. The particular street I was on had one side of the sidewalk separated from the road by such a temporary canada goose uk shop chain of waist high fences.Looking for a subway station and being unfamiliar with the area, I walked onto the fenced off sidewalk and continued down the block. Approaching canada goose outlet online uk the end of the block, there was a police officer.Getting closer, it became buy canada goose jacket obvious that she wasn going to let me continue past canada goose jacket outlet her. Asking how to get to canada goose coats on sale the to subway station, she explained that I had to be on canada goose outlet online the other side of the street (not the direction she was blocking). Naturally, I canada goose outlet store asked if I could cross the fence canada goose uk outlet (note: the other side of the fence was accessible to pedestrians from the start of the block.She said «no». Surprised, because the other side of the fence wasn off limits, I asked her why I could not simply climb over. Especially, since I didn feel like walking back the entire block, step around the fence, just to walk down the block again.She then responded with the following (and it is an exact quote, as her words are still ingrained in my head): «Sir, if you do uk canada goose outlet that Canada Goose Jackets I have to arrest you».I was completely uk canada goose stunned: This woman was going to arrest me for crossing an out of use fence? Having been treated like a criminal by customs at the airport, I wasn looking forward to repeating that experience with an actual police officer, so I decided to back off and walk back canadian goose jacket down the block.That because while some of our police are great and very polite canada goose outlet new york city (I met them) much of our police are basically just thugs with an excuse.The fact that our Police can contain 99% of situations without cheap Canada Goose a firearm,(though they are getting tasers) is a leap of human decency and civility and something everyone should aim for instead of slowly influencing us to arm our Police.