Моды для inner core 1.1 2.42. Inner Core – лаунчер для моддинга Майнкрафт

Моды для inner core 1.1 2.42. Inner Core – лаунчер для моддинга Майнкрафт

Уникальность программы Inner Core в возможности запуска твоего любимого Майнкрафт Покет Эдишн с зашкаливающим количеством модификаций. А внутренний браузер позволит тебе обновить моды до последних версий, не выходя из игры. Правда, перезапускать клиент после обновления все равно приходится.

Принцип работы Inner Core

Все мы знаем, что почти все моды для Minecraft PE не имеют собственной статической структуры, так как эта структура пишется всегда отдельным файлом. Этот файл в Майнкрафт на Андроид , в свою очередь, определяет каталоги ресурсов игры, кодировку и исполняемые файлы клиента.

API представлен в MCPE сразу в двух вариациях:

  • первая вариация является более простой, так как дает доступ ко всем основным модулям, например, Callback, UI и Апдейт;
  • второй вариант – стандартное ядро движка МКПЕ.

Забыли сказать тебе, что программа Inner Core позволяет компилировать моды , для повышения быстродействия устройства, забитого разнообразными плюшками для Майнкрафт , а также является мощнейшим инструментом для создания модов.

В его ресурсах умопомрачительное количество всевозможных блоков, множество измерений, и всего, всего, всего. Программа Inner Core также позволяет портировать моды ПК-версии в Майнкрафт на телефон.

Например, сейчас идет процесс переноса таких глобальных проектов Майнкрафт Бедрок Эдишн как Industrial Craft, Forestry и Harvest craft. Если и ты любишь моды для Minecraft: Bedrock Edition , то тебе определенно нужно скачать Inner Core (последняя версия). Кстати, мы говорили тебе, что это лучший лаунчер для запуска клиента с модами, а также официальное приложение разрабов? Нет? Тогда незачем ждать!

Видео обзор:

The native part was written from scratch and allowed to solve the absolute majority of problems associated with modding on the basis of Blocklauncher and make the API much more efficient.

By: zheka_smirnov

Inner Core is a completely independent application that contains MCPE 1.0.3 and a huge shell that opens up modding capabilities. The built-in MCPE does not depend on the current version you have installed, it even has another world folder. They are related only by settings.

Inner Core is a full-fledged moding environment giving the most close capabilities to PC modding and greatly exceeding everything that was before. This project is designed to breathe life into the dying generation of MCPE mods, improve them and give rise to new ones.


I think you noticed long ago that some InnerCore items do not have icons. This is a version that fixes all the icons, as well as the frying cactus recipe and beds recipes (did not support colored wool).


1) Remove Inner Core
2) Clear the cache (just delete the cache folder) located here - games/com.mojang/innercore (to regenerate the icons)
3) Install the downloaded apk


Various fixes and improvements.

Automatic saving saves the world completely.

Added system for creating new particles.

Blocks and mobs can use polygonal 3D models.

Support for new mobs and NBT for items.

Support for complex physical model of blocks.

And a lot of improvements.

V Beta:

This update contains a huge number of innovations, which mainly include new features for mods.

Gameplay changes

The automatic saving of the world occurs now along with the saving of mod data, which can be activated in the settings. This means a minimum loss of gameplay progress in the event of crashes.

The mod browser has been redesigned and improved, it now allows you to sort and search for files in different categories, as well as follow their updates.

Fixed a huge number of crashes, small bugs and flaws.

New IC mods features

The new particles system allows you to create great visual effects.

Blocks and mobs can have any appearance due to the possibility of using polygonal three-dimensional models.

The possibility of creating custom mobs is returned.

The ability to create arbitrary physical models of blocks, depending on external conditions.

New ICRender features allow creating logical expressions.

Added support for additional item data (NBT) which allows you to work with enchantments and your own extra data.

A new library system that does not have conflicts associated with the use of an incorrect version of the library by other mods.

Added the ability to set random tick events for specific blocks.

The next update will fix some frequent crashes, MCPE will become more stable, but it"s impossible to fix everything. However, after this update, automatic saving will also save the world itself. This means that if you have frequent crashes, you can set the auto-save time to 20 seconds. This is a rather acute problem that must be solved in this way.

In addition, IC mods can create new particles! The creation possibilities will be wide for creating almost any visual effects.

After the release of the new version, blocks and mobs will be able to have arbitrary 3D models, not just rectangular boxes. Such models can be textured in both cases and set up lighting. Models can be loaded from obj files used in PC mods, which greatly simplifies the development.

In addition, these models are extremely effective and can have tens of thousands of polygons without lags. Together with custom particles this will make IC modifications indistinguishable from PC mods.

This update introduces a new system that registers and automatically sends native crashes for analysis. This system saves crash data, displays and sends it back after the next app launch.

A new system for registering native crashes and fixing it.
Bug fixes when things sometimes did not stack.
Fix minor bugs with dimensions.
Added methods that quickly filter all existing recipes, which will allow creating NEI without any problems.

I"m glad to inform you that in the next week or two there will be a global update that required more than 2 months of work. It will significantly change and improve Inner Core, adding a lot of new ones.
Main features:

In the new version, IC mods will be able to create their own dimensions with unique terrain generation and environmental settings. Modmakers will be able to create completely different worlds, as well as ways to get into them. If the generation is fairly simple, then this will have a positive effect on performance. It will be extremely easy to create dimensions from Aether, Divine RPG and the like.
- Flexible and variable landscape generator.
- The ability to generate a landscape with a height of up to 256 blocks (the upper boundary of the world, the limit of the usual landscape generator is 128 blocks).
- Ability to create up to 100 dimensions simultaneously.

IC Optimization:

Particular attention was paid to this part of the app. Many bugs affecting performance were fixed, and Minecraft PE itself was optimized by changing the priorities of the processes. The gameplay has become much nicer and can last a long time without problems (when testing for more than 1 hour the performance remained excellent).
- Fixed bugs when working with mods (drop in the number of ticks per second).
- Significantly increased FPS and control response speed on most devices, which became indistinguishable from the game without mods.
- Falling FPS when loading chunks is less.
- Fixed API bugs, the main one of which did not allow to install the render to the block at specific coordinates.
- New boot screen with changed design and animation.

This build has no changes compared to, except for the dump system. If you have errors during the game or launch, and you want to help fix them, install this version and all errors will be stored in a special file.

If the game crashed on this version, then before the next launch it is desirable to open this folder - games/com.mojang/innercore/crash-dumps/ and if there is the latest-crash.txt file, send it to the developer (specified above) or in the comments. After that, you need to delete this file.
Changed the resource system. Initialization is faster, many bugs are fixed.
The system for compiling mods changed. Now it allows you to compile mods of any size and shows the compilation process. Mods that have been compiled on the old version will work. Changed the display of errors, now they show not only the file, but also the mod to which it belongs, as well as the build file with a string in the compiled form.
Fixed crashes with a massive modification of the world from the stream.
Changes world generation. Ores are generated along with structures on the surface. This completely removes freezes from it, making the opening of new chunks much smoother. Crafting table dynamically selects the window size to show possible crafts, which will remove the problem with crafting that were not displayed due to the constant size.
Fixed crashes from lack of RAM (when installing a large number of mods).
The work of Entity module methods with non-existent mobs has been fixed. This should make the MobRegistry module work, but it has not been tested.
UI.Window added an overlay mode, it allows to work normally with the game (does not block buttons, sounds, etc.), but reduces FPS. Ideal for armor buttons in IC2. Fixed twins of blocks that are compatible in two mods (for example, Forestry and IC2 ores) have been fixed. This will not affect your worlds in any way and not cause id changes. Fixed BlockDestroyStarted and BlockDestroyContinued events.
Fixed impossible to create a super-flat world.
Minor fixes.
Fixed some recipes and icons in crafting table, fixed a bug when it was impossible to select a specific recipe.
Vanilla tools did not break - fixed.
No damage and effects for tools and weapons that are added by mods - fixed.
Fixed ArmorRegistry API module.
The MobRegistry module is not completely debugged and is not strongly advised to use it.
Many non-working API methods have been fixed, and forgotten methods have been added, new ones have been introduced.
Optimized spawn of particles, fixed crash when spawning a large number of particles from the flow.
Added a method that allows you to create particles at any distance from the player.
Fixed a bug that caused random crashes in your world. Also, this fix should remove freezes and slightly stabilize the work. Fixed a bug sometimes caused a crash when creating animations (models).
The error is probably crashing immediately after the start - fixed.
Now if a failure occurs when the native code fails to load, an error will be added to the log.
The pocket UI is set, because the classic one caused errors.
Fixed crash when breaking a custom block without the drop function in the survival mode.


a) Inner Core is a separate and completely independent app that contains its own MCPE, which allows you not to install any additional software, but also not to delete MCPE you are playing.

b) Inner Core mods are fully compatible and will not conflict, the API is built in such a way that it is very easy to make mods interact with each other. This allows to create complex packs of dozens of mods.

c) It"s very easy to port the Core Engine mods because CE has been saved as the main kind of API mods for Inner Core.

d) The API ore written in C++ and Java, multithreading, API adaptation for frequent mod needs, as well as the ability to compile mods in java-bytecode allows to reach new heights in speed.

e) New features in all areas, especially in the graphical component of mods, which now allows developers to create any desired appearance of in-game objects. The old API modules are also greatly improved and new ones introduced, they will develop much faster due to the stable API version.

f) The GUI API makes it incredibly easy to create any required interface, including its main feature is the simple creation of a dynamic interface that works in stable 40-60 fps.

g) A complex and variable mods structure, an assembly file, several types of APIs and types of executable files will allow creating the most convenient structure for mods, which plays an important role.

h) Own development environment adapted for Inner Core allows you to develop mods from PC ver of Minecraft, download and run them via USB.

Z) Inner Core is a complete replacement for , which for a long time existed as the only modding option and was extremely poorly implemented and had an awfully inconvenient API, which entailed many unpleasant errors and lags. Now it"s over.

The built-in version gives several advantages:

1. You can play any Minecraft PE that you like. In this case, you can play MCPE with mods based on Inner Core (hereinafter IC) without re-installations.

2. You do not need to waste your time choosing the right versions of MCPE, Blocklauncher, Core Engine, install it all to play with mods. It"s enough just to have an installed IC.

3. The creators of mods and the developer do not need to spend a lot of effort on porting to new versions, which means that there will be more updates expanding the content of the mod, and IC will improve and extend the API.

Development lasts for the last 3 months. At the moment, it is close to completion and just started a closed beta test. The first version will appear very soon.

Some information for developers:

Mod structure

Inner Core mods do not have a static structure, it is described in a separate file. It defines the resource directories, the directories with the code necessary for the work and the executable files with the code. The preload script was added which runs before MCPE starts and can generate the necessary textures and other resources, which allows them to be integrated with other mods. This script is additional to the existing executable file types in CE (main code, launcher, library).

Последняя Inner Core - Minecraft PE Mods apk Скачать. ATTENTION! This app is still in beta-version stage it could work unstable on some devices.

Inner Core is a mod loader for Minecraft PE, inspired by ForgeModLoader (PC). It can run dozens of different mods at the same time, removing any conflicts and making them fully compatible.

In-Game browser allows to install and update mods from Inner Core library with a single click, also you can view, setup and debug already installed mods.

For mod developers Inner Core grants huge possibilites and convenient API that allows to create PC-level mods without any special efforts. Also they are provided with library and external tool support.

Inner Core mods can:
- Add insane amounts of new blocks and items
- Create new custom dimensions with absolutely new world generation.
- Use oreDictionary-like id system providing full resource compability with other mods.
- Easy create various and complicated GUI.
And much more.

Inner Core and mods are rapidly developed and in the next updates more possibilities will be added and used by mod developers.

At the current moment many ports of PC mods are developing, for example Industrial Craft, Forestry, EnderIO, Aether, Blood Magic, Harvest Craft, Mekanism. Also there are many addons and smaller mods.

Inner Core works separately from official Minecraft PE and even worlds are stored in other directory. But it requires installed MCPE to launch due to not break the copyright (Any version of Minecraft PE will be suitable).

It is important to mention that Inner Core is not an official application from Mojang AB. All rights to Minecraft PE belong to Mojang AB. Also Inner Core is not related to ForgeModLoader, all rights to ForgeModLoader belong to its creators.

Quick Tips
If you are unable to install app, delete previous version of it.

1. Mod installation and update:
- Press "mod browser" button in main menu to open it.
- Find required mod by navigating with buttons at the top of the screen.
- Open and press install, it will install or update this mod.
- Restart Inner Core.

2. Enabling ore disabling mods:
- Press "Inner Core" button in main menu, it will open installed mod list.
- Find required mod and press its settings button (left one).
- Find "enabled" parameter in mod configuration and toggle it, if needed.
- Restart Inner Core.

3. Deleting mods:
- Exit Inner Core.
- Open any file manager.
- Navigate to directory games/com.mojang/mods
- Find required mod and delete its folder.

ATTENTION: after you delete ore disable a mod, its items and blocks could be lost or corrupt in existed worlds forever!

For Developers: All required information could be found here: https://github.com/zheka2304/InnerCore/blob/master/developer-guide-en.md Скачать и установить Play Store APK файл или загрузить и установить obb от GooglePlay AppStore .

под названием Inner Core . Что же такое Inner Core ? Это оригинальный и передовой загрузчик модов для ! Он вдохновлен похожей программой для ПК под названием ForgeModLoader . Представьте! Благодаря этой замечательной программе у Вас появится возможность запускать десятки, а то и сотни различных модов для Майнкрафт ПЕ одновременно. Вас будет ограничивать лишь производительность Вашего устройства. Теперь все конфликты между различными будут устранены при помощи данной программы, и все они будут совместимы.

Внутриигровой браузер, который, кстати, добавляет данная программа, позволит Вам устанавливать, обновлять и редактировать моды прямо из огромной библиотеки Inner Core . Помимо этого Вы можете просматривать уже установленные Вами моды из библиотеки, а также настраивать их под себя. Чтобы открыть браузер, нажмите на кнопку Mod Browser .
Данная программа не может не радовать и создателей модов для . Вам понравится то изобилие возможностей, которые Вы получите с данной программой. К тому же у Вас в распоряжении будет удобный API . Поэтому у Вас получится создавать моды, ничем не уступающие модам для ПК-версии. А то, что программа имеет поддержку дополнительных инструментов и библиотек, только способствует комфортному созданию отличных модов!

Основные возможности Inner Core

  • Программа добавит поистине огромное количество новых предметов и блоков в Minecraft PE .
  • А также новые измерения.
  • Внимание! Самое главное! Программа содержит аналогичный oreDictionary алгоритм, благодаря чему ресурсы становятся совместимыми.
  • Вы сможете с легкостью создавать разнообразные стили графического интерфейса пользователя .
  • Графическое оформление почти что самое важное в их создании. В этом плане Вы будете иметь до безумия обширные возможности.

Отдельное и полностью независимое приложение Inner Core, которое содержит свой собственный Minecraft PE. Он позволяет вам не устанавливать какое-либо дополнительное программное обеспечение, но и не удалять , в который вы играете.

Моды внутреннего ядра не имеют статической структуры, она описана в отдельном файле. Он определяет каталоги ресурсов, каталоги с кодом, необходимым для работы, и исполняемые файлы с кодом.

Добавлен скрипт предварительной загрузки, который работает до запуска Minecraft PE и может генерировать необходимые и другие ресурсы, что позволяет интегрировать их с . Этот скрипт является дополнительным к существующим типам исполняемых файлов в CE (main code, launcher, library).

Внутреннее ядро имеет две версии API: адаптированный скрипт и ядро движка.

  1. Первый из них проще и быстрее, и некоторые из методов в нем назвали так же, как их аналоги в ModPE, он дает доступ к основным модулям API, таким как UI, Updatable, Callback.
  2. Второй — почти неизменное старое ядро движка, переписанный для адаптированного скрипта в качестве основы.

Кроме того в лаунчере Inner Core для Майнкрафт ПЕ, моды, как писали ранее, могут быть скомпилированы, чтобы значительно ускорить их работу и защитить исходный код.

Анимации в Inner Core

Возможность анимировать текстуру блоков в Майнкрафт ПЕ, теперь доступна. Добавив в ресурсы текстуру 16x (16 n), где «n» количество анимационных кадров(наподобие воды или лавы) и name anim PNG формат. Анимация ванильных блоков, позволяет сохранять производительность игры.

Внутренняя печь с интерфейсом «vanilla», но ее рецепты и топливо полностью изменили на пользовательские, что позволяет добавлять, как любой материал (без каких-либо метаданных, каких-либо блоков и объектов), так и любое горючее с настроенным временем горения. Как заявил создатель ранее, все рецепты и источники питания, включая ваниль теперь также могут быть удалены.