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routinely conducts assessments and Canada Goose Jackets adapts

10 января 2014

Top US commander in Afghanistan warns Karzai comments increase risk

By Barbara Starr

The commander of the International canada goose uk shop Security canada goose store Assistance Force in Afghanistan is warning his top commanders of Canada Goose Outlet new risks of uk canada goose outlet attacks due to rising buy canada goose jacket tensions between NATO forces and the Afghan president, an ISAF official told CNN Thursday.

The tensions between the NATO led coalition forces especially those canada goose outlet from the United States and President Hamid Karzai escalated after a bomb blast in Kabul canadian goose jacket last weekend that killed nine people.

Karzai said afterward that there are daily talks between Taliban, American canada goose clearance sale and foreigners in Europe and in the Gulf states. quickly denounced Karzai canada goose clearance remark.

have fought too hard over the past Canada Goose online 12 years. We have shed too much blood over the past 12 canada goose canada-gooseoutlets factory sale years. We have done canada goose uk black friday too much to help the Afghan Security Forces grow over the last 12 years to ever think that violence or instability would be to our advantage, he canada goose said.

In the e mail sent Wednesday, Dunford canada goose uk outlet told commanders that Karzai recent statements be a catalyst for some to lash out against our forces Canada Goose Parka he may also issue orders that put our forces Canada Goose sale at risk. troop misconduct there.

Dunford met with Karzai Wednesday to discuss the transfer of the detention center. The cheap canada goose uk general said it be done in a way that meets the needs of Afghan sovereignty while mitigating the real threats that some of these detainees pose canada goose coats on sale to Afghan and coalition forces.

will complete the transfer when the remaining issues have been resolved, Dunford said in a statement on ISAF website.

Several media reported Karzai gave a speech Tuesday in which he suggested the government would take unilateral actions to canada goose coats assume control of cheap Canada Goose the detention center if the transfer was delayed much longer.

In his e mail, Dunford calls Karzai remarks about Bagram speech. called the general warning given increased coalition casualties in recent days. routinely conducts assessments and Canada Goose Jackets adapts its protection posture to ensure our forces are prepared to meet potential threats and that they have a common understanding of the situation here in Afghanistan, the ISAF statement said. Dunford e mail is simply an example of this vigilance. We clearly put him in power and from the beginning his government was corrupt and mafia like. could have taken him out at any time buy canada goose jacket cheap but it chose not to.

Clearly, the Afghans are better off now then they were 12 yrs ago. But I can tell you from personal experience that everyone in Afghanistan hates Karzai and his corrupt ways. The government is run by a uk canada goose bunch of tugs and it si really no different than a gotti operation which is headed by Karzai. assitance. immediate interests.

March 15, 2013 at 1:35 pm Reply

Twelve years! After all this time, all the American and Nato county sacrifices in lives lost and maimed, billions of dollars canada goose black friday sale wasted and Karsai behaves this way??? There is no hope left for this stupid country! US and Nato forces should immediately pull out. Let Karsai have his country! What happens can be too much worse than what Canada Goose Coats On Sale is happening now, it just won get any better.

Remember Viet Nam? Wisely, the decision was made that is enough Today, Viet Nam is a peaceful country and engaged in international trade. Afghanistan cannot transition as well, Canada Goose Online not under Karsai. But foreign military forces will never bring peace to this country.