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The brain could be working inefficiently when sleep deprived

02 декабря 2013

eshaansharma u

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moncler sale tl;dr: We don know but it could have something to do with reduced energy supplies, a build up of waste metabolites and reduced synaptic pruning (impairing removal of old connections to make room for new ones). moncler sale

moncler outlet uk We know that people need sleep as all animals do it or at least have some equivalent of sleep. For example, insects don have REM and dolphins sleep by turning off one brain hemisphere (since they breathe voluntarily, one hemisphere must be active at all times to avoid drowning). The thing is, we know a lot about what happens during sleep, in terms of the electrophysiological, biochemical and psychological markers, but not an awful lot as to why we actually need it. There is no single theory that explains why exactly we need it, but the most popular ones tend to revolve around fighting infections, reducing energy consumption and clearance of waste products from the brain. moncler outlet uk

moncler outlet store Off the top of my head I can think of moncler sale three cheap moncler jackets pieces of evidence for this (I sure there more). cheap moncler sale The first two are pretty obvious. Firstly, cheap moncler coats we fight off infections best when we are asleep and we consume less energy while asleep. In terms of clearing moncler outlet store waste products, changes in neuroglial behaviour suggest that they clear waste products from the brain while sleeping, as many regulate moncler outlet sale cerberopinal fluid; the main mechanism of removing waste metabolites from moncler mens jackets the brain (as this organ requires different conditions from the rest of the body). It perfectly possible that all these theories are correct and we need to sleep for all three reasons. moncler outlet store

cheap moncler Another more recent theory suggests that synaptic pruning occurs cheap moncler during sleep, whereby unwanted connections are removed from the brain (this also happens in babies: they are born with something like 10 times the amount of neurons they and only the strongest neurons and connections between them survive into adulthood). So for example, it may not be necessary for me to remember a certain conversation I had with a friend that day, so the synapses buy moncler jackets conveying that information may be pruned during sleep. cheap moncler

So I can think of two reasons as to why cognitive performance declines when sleep deprived. The brain could be working inefficiently when sleep deprived due to an energy deficiency and build moncler outlet online up of waste metabolites which screw up the carefully designed molecular machinery that keeps your brain functioning. It could also (or additionally) be due the reduced synaptic pruning consequent of sleep deprivation: the unnessecary synapses don just create clutter, they take up space and this may make it harder for new synaptic connections to form. This would impair cognition as a large chunk is dependent on synaptic plasticity.

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